Trophy D’Ecosse 2012

The Trophy D’Ecosse 2012 (incorporating the Scottish Synchronized Skating Championships) will be held at Dumfries Ice Bowl from 5th – 8th April 2012. This event has been designated as a full ISU International for Synchronized Skating and will include events at Novice, Junior and Senior in addition to all other categories as per the 2011 event.

Trophy D’Ecosse Entries/Results

The Entries for the Trophy D’Ecosse 2012 are now available. Results will also be published here.

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Trophy D’Ecosse Announcement Amendment


The table of categories shows the Adult programme timing as 3 minutes plus or minus 10 seconds. This is incorrect.

The timings should read a minimum of 2 minutes 30 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes 30 seconds.

The link to the Adult rules and regulations is correct.

Microsoft Word Version of Forms Available

There are now Microsoft Word versions of the application forms available below, so that those wishing to email them can do so. The email address to use is on the forms. Please note that as you fill in the the Word documents, the overall format may move. Please check the pdf version for the correct lay out.


Synchronized Skating Camps and Seminars

There are proposals for two Synchronized Skating Camps and Seminars to be held in Dumfries immediately prior and following the Trophy D’Ecosse 2012.

Camp 1 is open to any Teams entering the Trophy D’Ecosse 2012 in the Intermediate 2 Category. This camp will take place on Wednesday 4th April unless numbers dictate extending it back into the Tuesday afternoon. All those from this category applying to attend the camp will be accepted.

Coaches Seminar with Cathy Dalton – This is a morning seminar which will take place during on Thursday 5th April commencing at 9:00 and finishing at12:30. This is the same day as the draw for the Trophy D’Ecosse 2012.

Camp 2 is open to any categories of team and there will be a maximum of 8 team places. It is also open to Coaches with or without teams. This will take place on Monday 9th April and Tuesday 10th until lunchtime.

Camp Announcements

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